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I've always believed that good photography is hard. It usually takes planning, patience and skill, earned from long hours of study and practice. A commercial-grade photo intended for a gallery or a magazine can sometimes take several dozen hours to edit into that perfect image. Because I want to produce the best image every time, I use exceptional equipment. 


My main camera is a Phase One XF/IQ3 100 which outputs massive and beautiful 16bit 100 megapixel images. These files have enormous dynamic range and truly exceptional detail and color.


I have eight prime lenses ranging from the the equivalent of about 17mm to 200mm. 


I use Broncolor pack and head flash gear. I've got 10 heads and five packs at the moment including everything from little tiny soda can sized mobilites to a Pulso-Twin and even a fresnel lensed Pulso-Spot. Using these lights I can freeze water as it flies through the air, light up the side of a building, or fight a noon day sun.