My Equipment

I've always believed that good photography is hard. It usually takes planning, patience and skill, earned from long hours of study and practice. A commercial-grade photo intended for a gallery or a magazine can sometimes take several dozen hours to edit into that perfect image. Because I want to produce the best image every time, I use exceptional equipment. 


The vast majority of professional photographers use either a Canon or a Nikon. I use a lesser-known brand called Phase One, which is a medium-format camera. What a medium-format camera gets you is exceptional sharpness, color, micro-contrast and resolution. My camera may be large, and look a little goofy compared to the sleek bodies of Canon and Nikon, but the images it produces are tack-sharp, clear as day and of a resolution that you blow up to the size of a billboard and lose absolutely no image quality. 

Know your medium-format cameras and want to talk specifics? My camera is a 645DF+ with a P65+ full 645 frame digital back, which gives me 60.5 mp files with full 16 bits of color. My sensor does not have an anti-aliasing filter, which combined with the resolution means my normal sharpness check for a full length portrait is looking to see if I can count my subject's eyelashes. 

I use this camera for everything I do. So if you want that event photo tack-sharp on a billboard, we can do that with ease. 


I have eight prime lenses ranging from the the equivalent of about 17mm to 200mm. 

I use prime lenses in my day-to-day photography for a number of reasons, but mainly I focus on the superior image quality. To put a zoom on my Phase One would be like putting cheap tires on a race car. I have a few very special and very expensive lenses in my collection which are called leaf shutter lenses. They're able to work with high-end flashes outdoors to create unique images that would be difficult or impossible to replicate with a normal camera. 


I use Profoto Pro series equipment. My flashes can deliver enormous amounts of power very quickly. Conservatively, my equipment can produce about 100 times the amount of power that a high-end Canon flash can generate, but with better color stability. It can also be ready to fire again in a fraction of the amount of time.