A Yoga Sunrise Lifestyle Photoshoot with Katie Elliott
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A Yoga Sunrise Lifestyle Photoshoot with Katie Elliott

Katie Elliott came to me with a request for a peaceful sunrise photoshoot at the Eldorado dry lake bed.

Characterized by a distinct and uniquely desert feeling of emptiness Eldorado is probably one of the most famous photographic locations in southern Nevada.

Sunrise is a wonderful time to shoot yoga. Visually it's both peaceful and striking at the same time but it requires some special preparation. The shoot has to begin in the dark. Once the sun crests the horizen it gains altitude with remarkable speed. If everything isn't prepared and completely ready to go by the time this begins to happens then the shot is lost. Another interesting fact is that as the sun crests the horizon the light isn't the beautiful blue we photographers all associate with daylight. It actually starts off much warmer in color than even a tungsten light slowly shifting to blue as it rises higher in the sky. Part of the groundwork that has to be laid to shoot something like this is that any lights that are used need to be color corrected or they look like they don't belong.

For this shoot we used a single 3' softbox color corrected to tungsten attached to a broncolor mobil powerpack. 

Location: Boulder City, Nevada.