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Do you shoot video?

The short answer is no. The longer answer is that although photography and videography have many things in common, the reality is that once you get beyond an amateur level, they are very different. To try to do both is to compromise, and I'd rather refer you to a trusted video vendor who will give you a quality video product to match the exceptional images I give you. 

Will you shoot "Event X" for exposure (i.e., no check)? 

Unfortunately, exposure doesn't pay expenses. While I am able to occasionally shoot for non-profit organizations pro-bono, I'm unfortunately able to do that for everyone, because being a photographer isn't just my passion - it's also my living. 

Do you shoot weddings?

I can and I have in the past - that said, traditional wedding photography is a very specific art. I know many talented photographers who are experts at weddings, and would love to put you in contact with them. I won't take a job that I'm not 100% sure I can deliver top-notch results on - and that includes traditional weddings. Got an alternative wedding situation going on? Reach out, and let's get your big day covered!

Can I get the Raw Files? 

Under very specific circumstances, I will deliver RAW files to my client. However, for every great image you see on my site, there's a huge backstory to it - including a refined selection process, enhancement and editing. And in every session I shoot, there will be shots that don't meet my expectations. 

I only want to deliver you the images that you're thrilled with, and if you're not thrilled, let's work together to make it right. I guarantee a data dump of every file on my camera, especially without editing, is not going to make either of us happy.