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Las Vegas Food Photography

Great food photography doesn't actually begin with food. It begins with the right light. Good light accentuates and enhances a dish allowing the eye to see but not get stuck on other things in the scene it reflects off the gravy just right and makes it look like a lovely spring morning when you sit down to eat your cereal. Great food photography begins with light but that isn't all there is to it and if you've been looking for a food photographer who understands this then you've come to the right place.

Casino Food Photography

Deep in the back of a dark casino where the light of day has never shown, under the pressure of deadlines and the chef simply running out of time with high demands for quality and no patience for failure. This is where my food photography was born. If the light is terrible, everything is behind schedule, and you must get materials to print then stop right now and give me a call. Let me know it's an emergency and let me know how long we have. I'm going to make you, your restaurant, and your property look great.

Restaurant Food Photography

Whether it's for a menu or for advertising I'm going to make your food look so good your patrons will almost be able to smell it. Normal restaurants might not have quite the same urgent timeline that casino based restaurants often have but I've found the demand for quality to be exactly the same. Give me a call today and I'll help you get the photos you need to spice up your menu and bring in more business.